Why is your status quo no longer sustainable?

Employees do not just pick and remain with an employer based on wages, benefits, and their role. 


1. 59% of employees felt their company views profits or revenues as more important than how people are treated. (Randstad)


2. Trust between managers and employees is the defining characteristic of the highest functioning workplaces. Companies with high levels of trust beat the annualized S&P 500 by a factor of 3 (source).

3. Up to 50% of the workforce would never consider working for an organization regardless of pay, when having a poor reputation.


4. Organizations that live out a strong purpose can attract almost 50% of the workforce without any pay increase.


5. The cost of a bad reputation for a company of a thousand people could be as much as $750,000.00 in additional wages annually.


6. Inspired employees are 2.8 times less likely to leave your organization.


7. Inspired teams are often 25% smaller than those that are merely satisfied. Smaller more effective teams can push your company's profits up to 20%. 

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