The Future of Work

Business has been forever changed by COVID-19. 

How will you build and sustain your organization's culture going forward?

Managing dips in productivity during the pandemic and preventing significant turnover when things normalize are crucial to keeping your business stable. 

We begin by assessing employee and management engagement data. This is an easy way to spot and make the case for changes in workplace culture to ensure people remain engaged and productive.

Since everything has changed, we begin by reviewing fundamental behavior influencers

  1. Hygiene factors are crucial. When they are off, they drive job dissatisfaction.

  2. Motivation factors are the next step and will take your workforce to the next level.

Hygienic Factors

  • Supervision Quality

  • Company Policies

  • Working Conditions

  • Relations with Others

  • Job Security

  • Benefits and Wages

Motivation Factors

  • Personal Growth Opportunities

  • Recognition

  • Responsibility

  • Achievement

  • Promotion Opprotunities

This video highlights common issues when working remotely:

Watch our webinar on the topic (video link)