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Motivation Checklist

I have recently been considering what employee experience on a factory floor feels like today, compared to pre-pandemic. More specifically, apparel manufactures, whose products have shifted from items like jeans, skirts and jackets to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Employees are not only being asked to shift what they produce but also face overwhelmingly large orders and the real concern for their own safety and health.

When working in environments consisting of many moving parts and new challenges, consistent practices or rituals can help reduce stress and improve employee satisfaction.

Atul Gawande, surgeon and bestselling author (The Checklist Manifesto) states,

“…under conditions of complexity, not only are checklists a help, they are required for success.”

Gawande considers the complexities of managing people and procedures in high stress environments. He suggests that as the capacity for human knowledge has increased, so too has the need for, “reminders of only the most critical and important steps.”

Are your employees overwhelmed with a brand new task or work environment, while still experiencing the uncertainty of working through a pandemic? How can you help your team pivot and stay productive, while your people navigate new levels of complexity?

It is imperative to remain true to your employee’s experience. I want to challenge some of you to consider two influences that Chris and I have been working with recently at Values First. Gawande’s Checklist Manifesto and Fredrick Herzberg’s (behavioral scientist) Two Factor Theory of Motivation. Gawande’s answer to complexity is a simple, precise, and easy to use checklist. I built the attached checklist utilizing Herzberg’s motivational factors. He argues when there are high levels of recognition, growth opportunities, responsibility, and meaningfulness at work, your employees are motivated for a superior performance output.

How might your team benefit if you take the time regularly to run through this checklist?

Considering what a checklist specific to your company may look like? This is a practice we believe in. We would love to work with you on identifying strategies that make your team more efficient and satisfied within complex environments.

Motivation Checklist
PDF • 2.23MB

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