We are in the business of increasing employee performance and decreasing turnover.

What the numbers say

Inspired employees  are up to 125% more productive than those who are "satisfied"

Employees that find meaning in their work are 2.8x less likely to turnover

Many companies look to wages, benefits and perks to attract, retain and engage employees. These are valuable but if they are deployed without examining workplace culture, their impact ends up being temporary.

VFC helps companies drive performance and decrease turnover by aligning your employee's day-to-day experience

with your mission and values.  

Our Process


1) Short, regular surveys

What is measured is what matters

Assessing employee engagement on a regular basis establishes a baseline and tracks progress.

Short, regular surveys help spot issues before they fester and help you make a case for preserving what is working. 


The era of the cumbersome annual survey is over.

2) Culture audit

With actionable data rolling in, we review your mission and values. 

"Many companies have values, but they are often vague and ignored. The real values are shown by who gets rewarded or let go"


Powerful cultures can exist anywhere. They are created when an organization transforms its values into behaviors that are celebrated and measured.

3) Alignment

We bring your cultural behaviors to life through

  • Reviewing performance evaluations

  • Reviewing onboarding

  • Management coaching

  • Helping you spot and move away from values-compromising behaviors

4) Ongoing counsel

Small business leadership requires the wearing of many hats. 

We serve as an ongoing confidant for leadership and employees.

We build and sustain trust with clients by being someone they know will listen, care, and take discrete action. 

Any effective long-term culture has one element

present above all others: trust

Your mission and values are a promise to your employees and clients.

We help companies keep that promise.

We do not practice pushy selling.

We believe in honest conversations to see if your needs match our abilities. Reach out to learn more.


No sales hassling. That's a promise. 

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